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    The balance board to beat all others, this unique product will give you the ability to balance batteries with any kind of balance connector. From 2S to 6S, you can plug in JST-XH, ThunderPower, PolyQuest, even Kokam connectors.
    On the output side it's just as inclusive, with ports to connect up to ThunderPower and Hyperion chargers as well as the iChargers and FMA's PowerLab models.
    The included balance adapter cable will come with a 6S JST-XH connector which you can slot right in to the 6S PolyQuest output port to hook up your iCharger or PowerLab. Cables to connect directly to ThunderPower and Hyperion chargers are on the way too!

    Board Input Connector: Female JST-XH, 2S-6S; Female ThunderPower, 2S-6S; Female PolyQuest, 2S-6S; Female Kokam, 2S-6S
    *Board Output Connector: Female 6S & 8S ThunderPower; Female 6S & 7S PolyQuest
    *Cable Input Connector: Male 6S JST-XH
    *Cable Output Connector: Male 6S, 8S, or 10S JST-XH; 8S JST-PA (for FMA PowerLab)
    *Wire Type: 22AWG PVC Wire or Silicone Wire