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    LED Navigation light for LAMA series   Light Cable  KT-1601
    The Firefly feature is: small, light weight, superior brightness, stability light, energy-saving, our Firefly is widely used in RC car, plane and boat.
Single strip size: 140mm(Lengh)*10mm(Width)*1mm(Thickness)
Single strip weight: 3.0g
Wire:250mm-550mm(22AWG PVC wire with JR connector) 
All the material of Firefly is environment-friendly   Light Cable  KT-1605
    LED Strip Light   LED Wire  KT-1607
    incl. 2 LED (red)   LED Wire  KT-1602
    Extra LEDs for LED Lights kit Dark Drifter.
Rainbow light effect.
Specifications: 2x(2 x 5mm) LEDs   LED Wire  KT-1603
    KT-1604   LED Wire  KT-1604
    KT-1606   LED Wire  KT-1606
      LED Wire  KT-1609(5mm LED,45cm wire)
    KT-1610£¨5mm LED ,45cm wire£©   LED Wire  KT-1610(5mm LED ,45cm wire)
    3mm LED ,45cm wire   LED Wire  KT-1611(3mm LED ,45cm wire)
    3mm LED ,45cm wire
  LED Wire  KT-1612(3mm LED ,45cm wire)
      LED  RGB 5mm LED
    LED strips for easy mount on RC Cars. Extremely bright LEDs which gives the coolest light and has low power consumption.

Firefly LED Strips are easy installed with 3M tape on your RC Car body or chassis. The LED strips connects directly to your receiver. Choose color above.   LED Wire  KT-1601
      LED  Columnar and Concave with Flange LED Lam
      LED  Helmet-shaped with Flange LED Lamp
      LED  Round two-color brim with Flange LED Lam
      LED  LED lamp holder
    Dimension : 45mm
Weight : 7.9g
Voltage : 12V
Material : Aluminum
Color : White / Red / Green / Yellow / Blue
Products for :  Multi-Rotor / Helicopter / Aircraft / Car
  LED Wire  5730LED