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    Voltage Range : 5v-6v
    Size :35.5mm*31.5mm*9.5mm (L*W*H)
    Weight :7.8g (for the LED System Control Board)
    Light Cable:28AWG Silicone Wire

    How to install:
    1. Confirm the size and installation position of LED lights, then marked.
    2.Drill some LED holes on the car body.
    3. Insert all the cables to the corresponding sockets of the LED System Control Board.
    4. Connect the Y-cable (CH1) long end with the LED System Control Board (CH1), two short ends with the steering servo and receiver¡°channel 1¡±.
    5. Connect the Y cable (CH2) long end to the LED System Control Board (CH2)£¬two short ends to the throttle servo£¨ or ESC£©and received ¡°channel 2¡±.
    6. Stick the LED System Control Board on a suitable position of the car body.
    7. Fix the LED lights into the holes and make sure it is installed firmly.
    8. Fix all the overlong cables with the accessories.

    Channel 1 Socket : Use Y-Cable to connect the Steering Servo and Receiver to LED System Control Board
    Channel 2 Socket : Use Y-Cable to connect the Steering ESC or Throttle Servo and Receiver to LED System Control Board

    REV    1  : RC CH1 Steering Signal Reverse
    REV    2 : RC CH2 Throttle Signal Reverse

    Socket  1 :  Front Lower Light                        Socket  2 :  Front Upper Light
    Socket  3 :  Left Signal Light                          Socket  4 :  Right Signal Light
    Socket  5 :  Front Lower Light                        Socket  6 :  Backward Light
    Socket  7 :  Turn ¡°ON¡± Status/Flashing long ,  Tun ¡°OFF¡±  Status/Flashing while refuelling
    Socket  8 :  Brake Light

    a . LINK : Throttle channel reversed
    b . LINK : Direction channel reversed
    c . LINK : Brake light ( Bright Half/ Bright Full)
         UNLINK:£¨OFF/ Bright Full£©