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    KNT RC ELECTRONICS LIMITED is specialized in producing&designed  RC Model Connectors, RC Wires&RC Soldering Jig.

    There are thousands of products, such as: Banana Jack, RC Plug, Servo Wire, Extension Wire, Charging Cable, Charging
    Converter, Switch, ParaBoard, Battery Box and so on. All of above products are used for RC Car, RC Plane, RC Boat, RC
    Robotic and RC Model Electronic products.


    KNT has produced kinds of Silicone Wires(withstanding high temperature) &PVC Wires.

    The Silicone Wires(-60 degrees- 200 degrees) including three types different OD(single copper):0.06mm copper, 0.07mm
    copper&0.08mm copper, which is from 8AWG to 24AWG wire(7.65mm²-0.169mm²), and the 0.06mm&0.08mm are the
    commonly used wires.

    The PVC Wire including the PVC Straight Wire and PVC Twisted Wire, which is from 20AWG to 32AWG wire(0.42mm²--0,054mm²).

    We can produce all the wires in different sizes&colors according to your requirement.

    All the materials&tools in our production are the best ones, like the tinned wire, what we used is the Lead-free ROHS solder
    wire. 99% of the Connectors&wires are exported to all over the world.

    ODM Services:Besides purchasing the common connectors or wires from KNT , you can provide us with drawings, photos or
    samples to customize different connectors&wires as per your requirement.

    OEM Services: Our packaging line provide customers with OEM brand packing one-stop services, which including: Headcard,
    Barcode lable, Product Instruction, Packing bag and other Packing.

    We are responsible for our products and clients, taking everything seriously is our aim, providing competitive
    prices and quick delivery are our goal.

    Contact us by email at sales@kntrc.com  or via the contact form below.
    Your email address is used only to respond to your enquiries. It is not used for commercial purposes or disclosed to third parties.

     TEL:0086 752 2185210      FAX:0086 752 2185212
    Address:KNT RC CO.,LIMITED, Floor 2, Building E, Xinhu Industiral,Ma An Town, HuiZhou, GuangDong, China

    Sales Staffs
    Nancy: sales@kntrc.com  / Kristy: order@kntrc.com / Kylie: smt@kntrc.com/ Candy: agent@kntrc.com / Elly: info@kntrc.com
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    Your email address is used only to respond to your enquiries. It is not used for commercial purposes or disclosed to third parties.
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